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Brian Schmidt, VP Vineland Estates and 2014 winemaker of the year.

For over two decades, winemaker, Brian Schmidt has faithfully served Vineland Estate Winery’s vineyards and cellars with a steady, farsighted view to promoting complete integration, natural synergies and reduced intervention. This holistic approach has resulted in specific tiers of wines that continue to voice a clear expression of time and place.

Brian Schmidt was born in Kelowna, British Columbia and was raised on a vineyard that had been in the family for three generations. The Schmidt family was one of the founding families of the Okanagan wine industry and this was the bedrock of Brian’s interest in winemaking. Brian has experimented, researched and has traveled extensively throughout Europe’s cool climate regions studying winemaking and the specific connections to the land. It is this intensive experience that has resulted in the creation of a winemaking style that has become Vineland Estates Winery’s signature.

Brian brings his many years of experience in premium winemaking and travel to discover new and innovative techniques and will be such an asset to us as we present travel opportunities to wine lovers and travellers across the globe. 


Michael Pinkus, Grape Guy

Michael Pinkus has a love affair with wine that goes back over 20 years and continues to this day.  Michael is an award-winning journalist as well as national and international wine judge. He is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in numerous national and international magazines.  He is also the sole writer for his website (formerly, and past-President of the Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada (2000-2015).


Lorraine Simpson - Award Winning Travel Consultant and Foodie


 Born in Northern England with the travel bug deeply embedded within, passed down from he father who was a UK Air-Force chief. Lorraine spent her younger years either living abroad or traveling to far away countries sampling different foods and cultures from distant shores. Her travel passion has taken her to 89 countries so far and she is often referred to as the “google” of travel as she can usually tell you the answer to a travel question faster than you can look it up on google.  She believes in constant education to keep up to date on the latest openings around the world and trends in travel and resorts.  Her parents owned a country restaurant so she grew up around fabulous food and later the wines of Europe and her culinary interests benefit our quest for gastronomic experiences greatly.
As an award winning travel agency owner Lorraine has become the "go To" Travel advisor for those looking for something a little more unique and tailor made.

Brian Schmidt on Cab Franc

Brian Schmidt of Vineland Estates on growing Cabernet Franc in Ontario

Michael Pinkus The Grape Guy