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There’s nothing quite as enchanting as a vacation in one of the world’s great wine regions, where stunningly beautiful vineyards serve as the perfect backdrop for tasting some of the best vintages available. And while more and more wine destinations seem to sprout up every year, some places will always set the standard for wine lovers. Whether you want to taste your way across Burgundy, Piedmont, Sonoma, or the Douro Valley, our custom travel specialists will design the perfect trip for your wine enthusiasts.

The current oeno-tourism boom means you don’t have to sacrifice luxury if you branch out to less-traveled spots. An ever-growing number of wineries are wooing curious wine lovers with sophisticated boutique hotels, serene infinity pools, soothing spas, Michelin-starred restaurants, and insider experiences such as harvesting grapes at midnight wearing a headlight.

My criteria for what makes a great wine destination starts, naturally, with truly superb wines. And spectacular scenery is a must, as is fabulous, creative food.  But beyond the grape and the glass, I want other experiences—not just the option of being pummeled with grape skins or lolling in a red wine extract bath.

Wine Cruises

We recommend small intimate luxury River Cruises as our favourite for a wine cruise for enthusiasts as there are so many opportunities to get up close and personal with the vineyards of a region as well as taste and sample some of the best food you ever tasted. We have a few specific partnerships and can arrange either a few people on a cruise already scheduled or we can arrange a private charter where we can invite our own wine specialists to enhance the experience. Daily activities and tours revolve around food and wine and are sure to excite and delight your guests. 

Culinary Travel 

Culinary or food tourism is the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences, both near and far. There are certain cuisines that stand out as being food for the world. Taste buds go beyond one ethnic group or nation. Food is a very important element of culture and lifestyle. The art of cooking as well as the styles of eating and drinking often reflect the type of people. No cultural experience is complete without a culinary element. We have tours that offers culinary experience as both a primary as well as a secondary attraction.

Suggested Tours and Cruises

Wine Theme River Cruises


River Cruises are a fabulous way to experience the wine regions of Europe as the vineyards line the sides of the rivers and all excursions and wine tastings are included and meticulously arranged.

Ocean Theme Cruises


Themed cruises on some of the most luxurious cruise ships. Featuring amazing food, cooking classes and wine related excursions. 



Italy is often cited the worlds leading travel destination choice for wine lovers and foodies. 

South America


From Chile's Colchagua Valley to Argentina's Mendoza wine region, the Andes provide a majestic backdrop to some of the world's best wines and cuisine.



A destination for food lovers and those wishing to explore more innovative techniques in food and wine. 



An abundance of famous wine regions explored while sampling some of the best food in the world.